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“We have created a better economic model for the cannabis industry.

It’s one where cannabis can be grown in your community and sold in your community, by members of your community. 

It’s one where a dollar created in your community can be a dollar kept in your community.

And this will provide a brighter future for your community.”


- Raekwon
CitizenGrown Ambassador
Wu-Tang Clan Founding Member


The Cannabis Industry is Broken.

CitizenGrown is Going to Fix it!

Jedd Canty, the founder of Canty Ventures, is proud to also be a founder of one of the most transformative companies in the cannabis industry.

Initially, as states began to strike down the prohibition of cannabis, hope spread that this would create economic opportunities for all. But the reality has not lived up to the dream.


To this point, the cannabis industry has provided little justice to those who suffered the most from the war on drugs. Instead, all it’s done, is make the rich richer.


Every day, major corporations reap obscene profits from selling their cannabis to disadvantaged communities across the country. Yet, they’ve offered few economic opportunities to uplift and empower those same communities.


Many have taken to the streets to protest. The cries have grown louder for our elected leaders to fix these inequalities.

All we’ve received in return are broken promises and half-measures.


Greed has too often won the day over justice. 


This has to stop. 

We're Starting a Revolution and We Need Your Help!

We're developing the leading automated home growing technology on the market. 


It's what we call "The Node."

We're going to use it to build a decentralized network of home growers from across the country.

And we will all share in the profits.


Our process is fairly straightforward.


  • Step 1: A Citizen is assigned a Node for their home or apartment and we plant cannabis inside it.


  • Step 2: Using an all-organic process, our technology automatically dispenses nutrients and optimizes the LED lighting throughout the grow cycle. 


  • Step 3: When it’s time to harvest, we collect the cannabis and plant more seeds to start a new grow.


  • Step 4: We sell our cannabis to our network of dispensaries. Each Citizen will receive a guaranteed monthly income stream. 


We envision this as a passive income stream for our Citizens.  This isn't a "side hustle" or second job.


In fact, we hope those who are already forced to work two jobs, will now have the freedom to kick one of those jobs to the curb. 


Our Citizens can also use this money to pay for college tuition, to get out of debt, or whatever else they feel can improve their financial security.


In addition, we offer our Citizens education on money management, entrepreneurship, and cannabis.


Plus, we are dedicating portions of our revenue toward rebuilding parks and rec centers, social justice initiatives, and many other worthy projects.


And this isn’t a theory. It’s already in motion.

We’ve quietly launched in Oklahoma City, OK. 


We’re expanding to more and more cities in the near future. We’ve begun talking to charities about innovative partnerships.


And we’re planning future programs that will specifically benefit military veterans, the homeless and other Citizens in need.

The CitizenGrown Revolution Has Begun!

We know we are on the right side of history, because following the path of equality and justice is always the correct choice. And you can play an important role in our revolution.

Can we count on you?


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